Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia (‘Children’s Hospitals’) is a national fundraising organisation supporting Australia’s five major children’s hospital foundations. Through a single gateway, we uniquely provide access to a national network of children’s hospitals providing over 1.65 million treatments for children each year.

Our partner hospitals treat over 4,500 infants and children everyday. Some need a stitch and a hug while others rely on ground-breaking research and the latest medical technology to survive.

Through corporate partnerships, we fund life-saving equipment, medical research and essential services not supported by government or a hospitals’ standard operating costs.

This funding is shared equally across all five partner foundations ensuring every Australian child has access to the best possible research, medical technology and paediatric care.

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How you can support us

Individuals are able to make a donation to five of Australia's oldest and most respected children's hospital foundations through the one organisation. Children's Hospital Foundations Australia is a partnership by deed of agreement, and is administered by Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation NSW, ABN: 72 003 073 185.

Children's Hospital Foundations Australia has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status and is able to issue tax deductible receipts for donations over $2.

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