“At our 20-week scan, our excitement and joy at the prospect of welcoming our third child turned to fear and numbness. We learnt that our son had developed a congenital heart disease called hypoplastic right heart syndrome, the underdevelopment of the right-sided structures of the heart,” says Hudson’s mum, Kelly.

At just six days old, Hudson underwent open heart surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne, followed by a second operation at the age of eight months.

Throughout his journey, the medical team at WCH in his home town of Adelaide has worked in partnership with the RCH. Hudson has spent many hours in the WCH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit under the watchful eye of our medical team, cared for using life-saving equipment, such as a heart rate monitor, which comes at a cost of more than $20,000.

Today, Hudson is cared for by specialists at the WCH.

Hudson is an amazing little boy who despite the odds has reached many milestones. Today, this cheeky three-year-old keeps his whole family on their toes.

He simply adores his four favourite things – his two big sisters, chocolate, Thomas the Tank Engine and his little girlfriend, Audrey.

Hudson continues to receive ongoing, world-class care in both Adelaide and Melbourne. His next scheduled operation will take place when he turns four.

“Hudson may have been born with only half a heart, but the other half is filled up with many footprints that have touched his heart throughout his journey,” said Kelly.