Assisting the thousands of dedicated medical staff who care for our children every day is a vast range of life-saving medical equipment - from insulin syringes to state-of-the-art cardiac monitors.

We celebrate the consistent innovation applied to medical devices big and small, and marvel at the difference that can be made with each step into the future.  Test results that are received ten minutes quicker than they were yesterday may be the difference between life and death.

Each of our Foundation partners operates a “wish list” for their respective hospital, where a range of items are nominated for their priority and ability to make a real difference in the care of sick and injured children.  Without the funds donated to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia and our partner foundations, much of this equipment would not be able to be purchased.

Our donors help us fund new equipment which enables us to replace old and outdated machinery as well as purchasing new state-of-the art technology which is essential to the hospital’s work.