As leaders in paediatric care, our hospital partners undertake ground breaking research across all areas of child health with projects ranging from complex laboratory investigations to studies at the bedside. Key areas of research being undertaken at the moment include:

  • Burns - developing new treatments to speed a child’s healing, finding ways to stop disfiguring scars and protecting the quality of life for little patients;
  • Cancer - laboratory and “hands on” cancer research to find new treatments and cures for children with tumours, leukaemia and other forms of these life-threatening conditions;
  • Respiratory - research into asthma, cystic fibrosis and bronchiolitis to improve the quality of life and life expectancy for children;
  • Viruses - the “bug detectives” track down new ways to rapidly diagnose serious infectious diseases like meningococcal, RSV and whooping cough to save the lives of sick children;
  • Child advocacy and protection – investing in efforts that will protect children by developing ways to detect, prevent and help children who suffer abuse or neglect;
  • Growth and nutrition – a broad range of studies encompassing the impact of nutrition on children with cystic fibrosis, obesity, end stage liver disease and anorexia nervosa giving real hope;
  • Pain free treatment – discovering new methods to help sick and injured children without the trauma of pain, especially for children who spend much of their young life in hospital.