The impact of sickness and injury on a child is today viewed holistically – it is no longer just about the wound or the disease.  A patient’s medical and emotional health is just as important as their physical well-being. 

Similarly having a sick or injured child has a major impact on all members of a family.  “Normal” family routine no longer exists, whole families may have to move hundreds of kilometres in order for a patient to receive treatment, jobs may be lost and mortgages may no longer be able to be paid.  For many Australian families this may be the reality of having a sick or injured child in hospital care.

Each of our hospital partners offers a range of specialised patient and family services - child-focussed methods for achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients whilst at the same time providing safety nets for families during the process.  These services make each of our hospitals unique entities - without donated funds they do not exist.

When donating to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia funding may be used for services that include:

  • Staff – essential staff required across all areas of the hospital’s operations include administration, research and fellowships.
  • Volunteers – over 2000 volunteers contribute over $5 million worth of services to our children’s hospitals and foundations each year.  They play an essential part of any hospital.  Funds raised go into ensuring the programs our volunteers run such as play schemes, parent support and entertainment continue.
  • Education – providing key funding into areas of education health promotion – an extremely relevant and timely area for our children.
  • Entertainment – a vital service to help take little minds off impending tests or procedures and is an important part of improving the quality of the time spent in hospital – especially for those children who spend much of their young lives within a hospital ward.
  • Parent / Patient support services – money raised is directed into services that can assist at a time of anxiety, stress and financial hardship for some families such as the Mother Goose program for disadvantaged, disabled children, child advocacy services, annual grants-in-aid for regional hospitals and the Samaritan fund for parents in need.
  • Capital & Minor Works – big and small building projects - all designed to enhance the delivery of care in our children’s hospitals.