About Us

Established in 2004, as the National Children’s Medical Research Fund with a mission to invest in research initiatives that specifically seek to uncover breakthrough treatments for paediatric illnesses and diseases. In 2006, the organisation changed its name and expanded its remit to include the funding of vital pieces of equipment, research and services.

We love kids, and believe it is our responsibility to support the well-being of our youngest and most vulnerable members of society.

There are few Australians who have not, or will not, be directly affected by a child receiving care in one of our hospitals. To meet this ever-increasing demand on hospital resources, our role in building relationships with corporate Australia is critical.

We finance equipment, research and initiatives outside of government funding or standard hospital operating costs. Thousands of lives are saved or enriched each year through these initiatives that range from world-first surgeries, to ground-breaking research.

In addition to treatment and technology, the support services provided through our hospitals should be considered the right of all Australian families. Illness affects more than just the patient – funding of these essential support services helps to maintain normality and consistency, and support for the entire family through difficult times.

Quite simply, without corporate partnerships, countless Australian children and families would go without life-saving treatment, support, research and medical technology.

Children’s Hospitals is a lean organisation, running a low-cost administration model with full transparency of fund allocation. Supporters can be assured that their donation goes directly towards funding projects and initiatives that would otherwise not be possible, and ensure the highest standards of paediatric health care.

Our Vision

All Australian children have the opportunity to access the best possible healthcare.

Our Mission

To provide Australian companies with a national opportunity that supports that five major Children’s Hospitals across the country.

Our Values