National Partnerships

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia was established by the partner foundations to address the gap in relation to fostering stronger relationships with corporate Australia, by being able to provide a vehicle for truly national fundraising campaigns.

Our primary purpose, is therefore, to form tailored partnerships with business and corporate Australia to help support our 5 most well-known children’s hospitals.

Through our partnerships we look for outcomes that meet the needs of our partner hospitals as well as the strategic objectives of our partners.

Our partnership and engagement model allows corporations, their employees and customers to engage with us in a number of ways, including:

  • Financial contribution
  • Employee engagement
  • Workplace & Matched Giving
  • Share & Dividend Donation

We are committed to engaging the corporate sector in developing clear and strategic community investment practices and strongly believe that with help from business and the community, Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia can help more sick and injured children and their families across Australia.

Companies today face a tough competitive environment.  Coupled with a growing expectation from consumers that they should demonstrate corporate social responsibility, companies can benefit by partnering with a credible and high profile charity to enhance their market position. 

Aligning with the right cause is not only a reflection of corporate values, it also provides strategic benefits to differentiate an organization from competitors. There is little doubt that corporations that demonstrate social responsibility improve their reputation in addition to motivating and retaining their employees.

A financial commitment to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia affords companies :

  • National Scope - hospitals located in five Australian capital cities with >30% patients from rural and regional Australia.
  • Exclusive focus on a full spectrum of Paediatric HealthCare in Hospitals -  e.g. Emergency, Intensive Care, Respiratory, Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology, Mental Health, etc.
  • Tangible Fundraising Outcomes - visible outcomes of how your organisation’s support  funds vital life-saving equipment, ground-breaking research and patient support services improving essential healthcare within our hospitals nationally.
  • Significant Impact - 1,650,000 treatments provided by the five every year

To find out more about becoming a Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia national partner,