Pro Bono

Pro-Bono Services

Pro bono donations of services are also essential to continuing our work and maintaining our low operational overheads, thus maximising the donated dollars that we can pass onto our five partner hospitals. For example, CHFA has greatly benefitted from the generously donated expert services such as graphic and website design and web hosting.

For further information on any of the above avenues of support please contact Children’s Hospital Foundations 

In-Kind Support

In-kind support reduces our overhead costs and allows more resources to be used directly to assist our partner hospitals. 

Toy and Book Donations

Each of the Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia partner hospitals warmly accept donations of toys and books from the community year-round.

If you have toys that your children no longer need, or have never used before, instead of throwing them away, you can donate them to one of the our children’s hospitals, and in doing so will help to brighten the life of a sick child.

Please note - Donated toys need to be in good condition to ensure that they are safe for the little ones who will be playing with them. If the toy is new, then please include the original packaging.  For hygiene and infection control reasons, the best toys are those which are made of plastic or wood.

Toy Donation suggestions

Baby toys: Activity, light-up, and/or musical toys, Rattles, small hand toys, Stacking rings

Toddler Toys: Wooden puzzles, simple stacking blocks such as Duplo , Toy cash register/ Kitchen/ Tools for role play, Play Doh

Pre school and school aged: Doll house furniture and people ,Action figures, super heroes, Lego, and small wooden or plastic activity sets Popular characters –Thomas the Tank Engine, Little People Activity Sets

Book Donation Suggestions

Baby book suggestions: Books: Soft vinyl, hard cardboard, musical

Toddler Book suggestions: Books: pop-up, musical, popular characters

Pre school book suggestions: Colouring, or word search books

DVD Donation Suggestions

The Wiggles, Hi Five, Thomas the Tank Engine

Pre School: Playschool, Curious George, Blues Clues

  • Age appropriate, content appropriate and ‘G’ or ‘PG’ ratings only
  • DVD’s are great for Toddlers, Preschool and Primary school children