Share & Dividend Program

Australia is a nation of investors. In fact, nearly half of the entire Australian population owns shares in some form.

Each year, millions of dollars-worth of small-parcel shares and unwanted dividend cheques remain uncashed – imagine what our children’s hospitals could do with that money!

Share Donation

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia works in partnership with ShareGift Australia to help people put their small parcels of shares to good use by converting them into donations.

Once a shareholder has completed a share sale donation form, ShareGift Australia will sell those shares and distribute the cash proceeds to their nominated eligible Australian charitable organisation.

The transaction is free of brokerage fees - meaning 100% of the value of the share donation will be distributed to the nominated organisation.

All shares held in Australian publicly listed companies may be donated (even big parcels!).


Dividend Donation

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia, Investing in Hope initiative, provides shareholders with the opportunity to tax-effectively donate all or part of their dividend payments towards providing access to the best possible healthcare for all Australian children.

Computershare, Link Market Services and Advanced Share Registry Services are able to effortlessly administer this program, utilising a simple Dividend Donation Election form and a Dividend Advice for that incorporates a tax deductible receipt.

Shareholders receive a tax-deductible donation receipt while still taking advantage of imputation credits (in accordance with individual tax situations).

If just 0.1% of shareholders of the top 200 companies participated in a dividend donation program, $100 million could be raised annually, for the charitable sector.  Sharing in a percentage of this would give many sick and injured children and their families reason for new hope.

Investing in Hope has been endorsed by the Australian Shareholders’ Association and the Australasian Investor Relations Association. 

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia welcomes the opportunity to work further with innovative Australian companies to develop a program that will suit company requirements while enabling individual shareholders to invest in hope for sick and injured children today, and into the future.

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