As a Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia national partner, your employees will have the opportunity to get involved in unique team building experiences, valuable skills transfer and the chance to make a real and positive difference to sick children across the country.

‘Children’s Hospitals’ has developed best practice process to facilitate corporate volunteering.

Each of the ‘Children’s Hospitals’ partner hospitals always look for dedicated and passionate volunteers to assist the hospital staff and patient families.

Volunteering at one of our partner hospitals can provide employees with a valuable team building exercise.  Corporate volunteers help to lighten the load of our hardworking staff at the hospitals, by cleaning toys, packing activity packs, giving relief time to mum’s and dad’s, playing, reading and nursing children, covering books and much more.

The hospitals require each person volunteering on premise to be authorized and they will conduct police checks and working with children registration.  Some hospitals also require a training session to be completed prior to starting.